Our Services

Any need, any time. Whether you are trucking goods throughout the continent, or need a furniture delivery, HIFAB has the experienced Class I drivers, and the fleet to provide any and all transportation services:

3.2 Services - Courier

Courier Service:

Any time you need a package or envelope delivered quickly, we can help. Because we have trucks and vans heading every direction most of the time, we can add your delivery to our existing roster.  And if we don’t happen to be going there, we’ll be happy to send one of our courier drivers to deliver it. We offer same day or next day service.

3.3 Services - Deck Freight

Deck freight:

Are you receiving a big shipment from the coast? Do you need a dozen pallets brought to your shop from the train station? We can accommodate these large loads and put your mind at ease. Just deal with your shipment when it arrives at your location. Leave the rest to us.



3.5 Services - Hotshot

Hotshot service:

We have relationships with many suppliers who call when they need something sent immediately to solve a production problem.  Or, when you order that new motor or part you need, you can request us by name as your hotshot delivery team. We understand how important it is to keep your operation running.

3.3 Services - LTL

Less Than Load (LTL) same day and next day freight service:

If you need one pallet, or a dozen boxes, or pretty much anything that does not constitute a full load, we can help with our same day or next day LTL service.



3.1 Services - Residential Delivery

Residential delivery:

If you buy furniture in the city that you can’t get home on your own, we’d be pleased to deliver it to you at your convenience.

3.4 Services - Storage and Distribution

Storage and distribution:

If you have a lot of product that is sold in small lots, we can help. Just let us know where to send your items, as ordered, and we’ll get them on their way, plus keep track of your stock and your shipping records. Meanwhile, your stock will be kept safe and dry in our heated warehouses.



3.6 Services - Truckload

Truck load service:

We partner with a widespread network of qualified trucking companies to assist us in delivering your goods all over North America. We work with you to understand your unique shipping requirements, and provide the best solution(s).